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Earn More While You Explore in Travel Therapy

Earn More While You Explore in Travel Therapy

Travel Therapy Jobs
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Break Into the Flourishing Travel Therapist Job Market

Finding lucrative opportunities within a thriving industry has never been easier. There are projected to be high levels of growth across every Barton Healthcare Staffing supported therapy occupation, with an average projected employment growth rate of 15% by 2031, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Barton Healthcare Staffing, a leader in the travel therapy staffing industry, works with a wealth of high paying healthcare facilities nationwide who need traveling therapists in travel occupational therapy, travel physical therapy, travel speech language pathology, social workers, and more for long- and short-term contracts for coverage at their hospitals, nursing care facilities, physician offices, and more! 

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Popular Travel Therapy Job Destinations

Barton Has Jobs Across The Most Sought After Locations Across The Country

Travel Therapy Industry Outlook

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There is an average demand for about 22,200 travel occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, and other traveling therapist specialties along with social workers across all specialties every year, and the need for traveling therapists and social workers for travel therapy contracts is only expected to increase as the allied health staffing market grows by an annual average of 21%, according to the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

Barton Healthcare Staffing is a leading travel therapy staffing agency at the forefront of allied healthcare staffing industry growth, and as the industry grows, so do the hourly rates and earning potentials of our traveling therapy clinicians!

Travel Therapy Salary Insights

The top two earning travel therapy specialties are respiratory therapists and social workers, who make about 113% and 128.4%, respectively, more than permanently employed clinicians in the same occupations. As a traveling therapy clinician with Barton Healthcare Staffing, you can drastically increase your annual earning potential regardless of your specialty, and do it around your own schedule!

While salaries can can vary across travel therapy assignments based on a variety of factors, including experience and assignments location, traveling therapy clinicians generally see the highest earning potentials in North Dakota, Alaska, and Virgina, where they can make anywhere between 46.7% to an astounding 88.4% more than the average traveling therapy clinician in the United States.

The top paying industries for traveling therapy professionals are home health care services and outpatient care centers, while the top paying industries for social workers are insurance carriers and general medical and surgical hospitals. The top employers of various therapy occupations are the offices of other health practitioners, and the top paying facility type across specialties is outpatient care centers.

Since Barton Healthcare Staffing works with an extensive and diverse portfolio of different healthcare institutions nationwide looking for talented travel therapy clinicians to fill gaps in coverage, you can find travel therapy jobs based on your preferences out of a broad range of opportunities at a wide variety of healthcare facility types across the country!



What Therapy Specialties Does BHS Work With?

Barton Healthcare Staffing Works With A Variety of Therapy Clinicians

Respiratory Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

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Physical Therapy

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Speech Language Pathology

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Social Workers

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Going on Assignment With Barton

Where your Therapy Journey Can Take You


When you take a travel assignment with BHS, you get:

  • The flexibility to follow your own schedule
  • Travel and lodging (sometimes a housing stipend) are covered by the client and booked by Barton Healthcare Staffing’s Travel team.
  • To gain experience by working in a variety of different practice settings
  • Access to our in-house licensing and onboarding team
  • Competitive rates

Barton Clinician Benefits Package

Enjoy First-Rate Employee Benefits When Your Sign On With Barton

Through partnerships with nationally recognized vendors, Barton Healthcare Staffing is proud to offer our employed clinicians a wide variety of benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • FMLA Leave

  • Malpractice Insurance
  • 401k Savings Plan
  • Weekly Pay Via ADP
  • State-Specific Leave/Sick Time Policies

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Barton Healthcare Staffing works with a wide variety of healthcare organizations and facilities across the country who are looking for talented traveling clinicians like yourself to fill gaps in coverage on travel assignments with the most competitive pay.

Our skilled Account Executives build strong relationships with thousands of healthcare institutions nationwide in order to give our traveling clinicians the flexibility and power to choose the jobs that best fit their schedules, preferences, and needs out of an abundant pool of opportunities.

The Barton Healthcare Staffing team works hard to bring you fresh, new job opportunities daily, and we can’t wait to find you your dream travel assignment. Connect with us today to get started with one of our experienced recruiters, and jumpstart your career as a travel clinician with Barton!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I get started?

A: That’s an easy one! Simply fill out the form on our homepage and a recruiter will get in contact with you.

Q: Do I need any extra training to be a traveling clinician?

A: Nope! Traveling clinicians are simply permanent clinicians that decided they want to travel around the country for a living. There is no additional training needed.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

A: You have a few options. First of all, your recruiter will be available to help you at any time, even when you are on assignment. Listed below you’ll find some of our great resources.

– Licensing and Onboarding

– Travel Arrangements

– About BHS


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Thus far, BHS is the absolute best company I have worked with in my 31 years in healthcare, and my 25 years traveling!

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I’ve been taking travel contracts for a year and my recruiter’s communication is top tier, I would highly recommend her.

  • Jaycob W.

Once my recruiter accepted the task of placing me into a travel nurse position, she totally committed herself. Within three weeks, I was flying off to an assignment that was well suited for my background, with an impressive pay and per diem compensation package.

  • Roger L.