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Allied Health and Specialty Nurse Staffing

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For nearly 5 years, Barton Healthcare Staffing’s teams have ensured that each individual client and clinician needs are a top priority, by matching the right clinicians with opportunities at facilities that fit the needs of both parties.


Staffing Your Facility

Barton Healthcare Staffing is a national healthcare staffing company focusing on placing temporary allied health and specialty nurse clinicians at facilities nationwide. We actively recruit clinicians who specialize in lab, therapy, imaging, pharmacy, and specialty nursing. We’re confident that our vast network of clinicians will have candidates that meet the unique needs of your facility. If you’re looking to fill a temporary gap in coverage at your hospitals, private practice, school, IHS facility, or any other organizations, please reach out.

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Travel Clinicians

At Barton Healthcare Staffing, we offer temporary jobs for social workersimaging professionalspharmacistslab techs, and specialty nurses, in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or just starting in the travel job market, Barton can help you find travel opportunities quickly and efficiently.

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Short-term staffing, long-term quality.

When you choose Barton Healthcare Staffing as your travel nursing agency, you’ll learn quickly how quality short-term staffing solutions can make a long-term difference for your organization and patient care. Let’s work together to tackle your staffing challenges. Our team is standing by! You can speak with one of our representatives today. We look forward to learning more about your needs!

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Learn More About the Nurse Licensure Compact

NLC 2023

Are you required to get a new license for every new state you practice in to get travel nurse jobs? Depending on where you live, you may not have to!

Barton Healthcare Staffing’s comprehensive guide breaks down the ins and outs of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), and the advantages it provides to nurses who travel to different healthcare facilities for work. Our featured map also makes it easy to check each state’s NLC legislation status, and see if your home state qualifies you for a multistate nursing license.

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Our Barton Healthcare Staffing Travel Nursing Video Q&A Has Your Answers

In this video learn how Barton Healthcare Staffing helps healthcare providers find new jobs and travel to new places. Click now to view

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Barton Healthcare Staffing Reviews

Healthcare Professional Testimonials & Success Stories

Regina S., Director of Nursing – “Lu adapted very well – she is an ER nurse but took the assignment on our telemetry floor. Patients loved her and staff. she was very positive.”

Joheris E., Ultrasound Technologist – “I had a opportunity to work with Mr. Lorenzo Gonzales – that was blessing. I had his support from the moment I started the assignment until finish. I used to get a phone call from him regarding any upcoming issues or concern. Thanks for all your help.”

Lisa D., Medical Surgical Nurse  “Daniel Buckley is such a SPECTACULAR recruiter. He always keeps me in the loop and always gets me SPECTACULAR assignments.”

Bailey K., HR Manager – “All of the people that you have found to help us have been terrific – professional, personable and prompt. Thank you.”

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