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Travel Medical Surgical Nurse

How to Begin Your Career as a Travel Medical Surgical Nurse

Medical Surgical Nursing as a Traveling Career

What is it?

Similar to other travel nurse specialties, medical surgical nurses can be travelers. MedSurg nurse travelers provide much needed relief for facilities all over the country that are struggling with staffing shortages.

A career as a travel nurse can be both a full- and part-time job. Whether you are looking to travel around the country for a career, or simply looking for supplemental income during your off days, there is a traveling job out there waiting for you.

If you’re looking to make the transition to the traveling lifestyle, you’re in the right place. Utilizing a healthcare staffing agency like Barton is a great way to land your first travel medical surgical nurse job. Keep reading to learn more!

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Travel Medical Surgical Nurse Salary

What to Expect

A travel medsurg nurse’s salary will vary on a facility to facility basis, but generally speaking, travel nurses oftentimes make more money than their permanent counterparts. A variety of factors impact salary such as location, willingness to travel, and ability to take an assignment on short notice.

Your recruiter serves as your advocate during the job hunting process. If you have some big bills coming up, or if you just want some extra money in your pocket, make sure you let them know. It’s their goal to find you a job that meets your lifestyle needs no matter what your preferences are.

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Going on Assignment With Barton

Where your Traveling Healthcare Journey Can Take You

When you take a travel assignment with BHS, you get:

  • The flexibility to follow your own schedule
  • Travel and lodging (sometimes a housing stipend) are covered by the client and booked by Barton Healthcare Staffing’s Travel team.
  • To gain experience by working in a variety of different practice settings
  • Access to our in-house licensing and onboarding team
  • Competitive rates

Clients of Barton Healthcare Staffing

Places You Could Work

Barton Healthcare Staffing works with a variety of facilities, including:

Hospitals Medical Practices Imaging Centers
Retail IHS Facilities Correctional Facilities
Rehab Centers Long-Term Acute Care Clinics
Urgent Care Schools Insurance Companies
Corporations Hospice/Home Health Behavioral Health
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