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What is Traveling Clinician?

Make the Switch to Traveling Healthcare

If you’re a clinician seeking adventure and flexibility in your career, temporary local contracting or travel positions might be an ideal fit for you. Whether you dream of seeing the country or prefer to stay close to home, Barton Healthcare Staffing works with you to find the perfect match.

At Barton Healthcare Staffing, we build relationships first. Your recruiter will learn all about you, your background, and what you’re looking for in a temporary position — before discussing a job with you.

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For Nurses

We work with nurses across a variety of specialties and career stages. Our network of clients spans a number of healthcare settings across the country, so plenty of options and opportunities are made available to you beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics.

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For Allied Health Professionals

Allied health professionals from various backgrounds turn to Barton Healthcare Staffing for temporary local contracting or travel positions across the U.S. Our recruiters are prepared to find your next exciting job, whatever your specialty or career path.

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When healthcare facilities are in need of immediate staffing, they frequently call on travelers to fill these vacancies. Reasons for needing a traveler can range from patient fluctuations to planned employee time off and anything in between. You typically work through an agency, like Barton Healthcare Staffing, that assists you with finding assignments, purchasing licenses if needed, onboarding, travel arrangements, and more.

The average assignment is 13 weeks but can be as short as a few weeks, to up to six months. Being a traveling healthcare clinician allows you to have flexibility in where you work and how often. Though it’s harder to get vacation time as a traveler, you can decide if you want to take time off between assignments. You’ll also gain experience working in a variety of environments.

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