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The Best Nurse Social Media Accounts to Follow

Posted on: August 6th, 2019

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Many of us rely on social media for education, entertainment, and to stay current in our nursing careers. Social media is especially convenient to help to stay up-to-date and keep in touch if you’re traveling as a nurse, or to catch up during a break in your shift. But with new social media platforms popping up all the time, it can be hard to determine where to find the best nursing information and decide which ones you want to follow.

One way to choose the best nurse social media accounts is to ask other nurses. The nurses in The Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook group were more than happy to share some of their favorite nurse social media accounts. With over 700 members, it didn’t take long for them to build an extensive list related to a variety of nursing interests. Check out some of their favorites below and perhaps you’ll discover new ones to enjoy:


  • The Healthcare Marketing Network – If you’re a healthcare freelance writer, this might be your tribe. This is a community of healthcare writers of all disciplines and experience levels that support one another in freelance.
  • Show Me Your Stethoscope (SMYS) – Provides advocacy and support for nurses. Nurses are always taking care of patients, but the motto of SMYS is that they take care of nurses. A following of 44,327 makes this a page worth noticing.
  • Operation Nurses Helping Nurses, Inc. (ONHN)- This group was formed after the Oklahoma Tornado and Floods of 2013 to provide a global support system for nurses in times of disaster, trauma or crisis, to help to heal and restore.
  • The Gypsy Nurse – If you’re a travel nurse, or interested in travel nursing, this is a great page to check out. This offers a resource and community for travel nurses to post their questions, thoughts and experiences. It also welcomes those interested in learning more about travel nursing.
  • Funny Nurses – If you’re looking for a little levity, this page that’s part of Scrubs magazine might provide you with some entertainment at the end of a long shift, or while waiting for your flight to your next assignment.
  • ZDoggMD – If you’re not familiar with ZDoggMD, you should check out this rapping physician who addresses medical and healthcare issues with rap parodies, videos and satire.


  • @scrubsinasuitcase– Live vicariously through travel nurse Leah with her beautiful and daring pictures. She also shares anecdotes about the exciting places travel nursing has taken her.
  • @theresumerx– If you’re looking to polish up your resume, this account provides career and resume tips as well as a weekly career exploration takeover featuring different nursing professionals.
  • @imnursenelle – This soon to be CRNA/DNP provides career mentoring and is also an advocate for diversity in the nursing profession.
  • @nineliveshealth – Self-proclaimed burnout survivor, Cat Golden, discusses developing a work and life balance in nursing. She also started the #nursesinspirenurses movement.
  • @nursekeithcoaching – Keith Carlson is best know as a career coach. He’s also a well-known keynote speaker, blogger, podcaster and LinkedIn expert.


  • @thenerdynurse – This informatics RN is an award winning author and blogger and Keynote speaker to name a few things. She strives to help nurses feel more confident.
  • @wheezynurse – A 29.5k following implies that there’s more to this nurse’s twitter account than sarcasm, tacos, wine, cats and bacon.
  • @BrowofJustice (Mitochondrial Eve) – This ICU RN has a powerful story of being a patient and how it lead her to nursing and fueled her passion for patient care.
  • @AmJNurse – The American Journal of Nursing can help you stay current in nursing research and nursing news.
  • @allnurses – If you’re looking for your nursing tribe, look no further than allnurses were you can network with over 5 million nurses on a variety of nursing topics.

Find Your Favorites

Most of us have our preferences and favorite platforms. Even though these accounts are listed under one social media platform, if you like the information, you may be able to also find them on the social media platform of your choice. If you’re still looking for more nurse social media accounts, check out the nurses who follow the accounts you like, and add or follow them to continue to build your network.

Share your favorite social accounts and blogs with us! Connect on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and let us know your thoughts!

Maureen Bonatch MSN, RN
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