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Our Namesake: Clara Barton

Posted on: March 16th, 2021

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There are times in life when we take a deeper look at our roots to better understand the importance of our personal identity. The founders of our company were inspired by the pioneering, humanitarian work of Clara Barton.

Born in 1821 in Oxford, MA, Clara was known for her humanitarian work in a time when few women worked outside the home.

Now, nearly two decades later, we take the time to reflect on our past and the role Clara Barton continues to play in our daily operations.

Our Namesake

Most well-known for her selfless acts and high quality healthcare provided to soldiers before and after the American Civil War, Clarissa Harlowe Barton, better known as Clara, was the pioneer nurse in the early 19th century who was lovingly referred to as “the angel on the battlefield”.

But she didn’t do it alone.

Clara found her true calling caring for wounded soldiers and families, on and off the battlefield. Today, Barton Healthcare Staffing’s clinicians also leave a crucial, long-lasting impact on the regions they visit, answering the call by providing comfort, care and disaster relief throughout the United States and its territories, 365 days a year.

In the spirit of Clara’s good deeds, Barton Healthcare Staffing recruits and maintains a large and strong database of skilled clinicians, so that we can quickly place them in travel assignments in different practice settings nationwide, providing care to patients who would otherwise go unseen.

Ready to start your next travel assignment or hire a clinician? Click the link to get in contact with one of our specialists today!

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