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Common Licensing Questions, Answered

Posted on: October 5th, 2020

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Here at Barton Healthcare Staffing, we have in house licensing, credentialing, and travel teams in order to get you where you need to go. Whether you need a new state license for your travel assignment in a month, or you are looking for the closest hotel to your facility, Barton’s specialized teams will work with you to be sure that everything is in place before you ever step foot on a contract.

For this blog post, we spoke with Laura C., Team Manager of Provider and Client Relations at Barton, in order to find out the most common licensing questions that her team gets asked on a day to day basis. Here are the four questions that her team gets most often, with answers to each.

How long does the license process take?

The timeframe to obtain a state license will vary for each individual state and clinician. All states have different license process requirements.

You may be able to obtain a state license in one state within 3 weeks, whereas another state may take 3 months. Also, clinicians with a clean background may be able to obtain a license more quickly and easily than one with disciplinary history. So unfortunately there is no exact timeframe that can be given, however, our licensing team does everything we can to try and expedite the process for you.

How much does it cost to obtain a license?

The cost of a license will vary by each individual state and clinician. Each state has a different application fee. One state may charge $75 per application, while another state may charge $1,000. In addition to the application fee, there will also be fees for any verifications, transcripts, and other supporting documents that may be required. Again, these fees will vary per clinician.

In many cases, the above fees are paid for when you take an assignment through BHS. I’d suggest checking with your recruiter to learn more about the different payment options!

How does Barton help to facilitate the license process?

Our licensing team will take as much of the process into our own hands as possible to eliminate the hassle of it for you. We will assist you with pre-populating your application and instruct you on which paperwork and tasks need to be completed. We will schedule the necessary fingerprint and notary appointments for you. We will request and follow up on all verifications, transcripts, references, etc. for you until all are successfully submitted to the state board. We will communicate with the state board on your behalf and seek updates from them until the process is complete and your license is issued. We pride ourselves on being able to expedite the process to ensure your license gets issued in the quickest possible timeframe.

What will be expected of me (the clinician) when working with Barton to obtain my state license?

While we do try and take the process into our own hands as much as possible, there will still be some things required of you. For example, you will need to provide all information necessary to complete your license application. You will be required to review, sign, and notarize license applications and paperwork. You may be required to get your fingerprints done. You will need to occasionally be available for phone calls with us and with the state board. You may need to help us in obtaining school transcripts if you attended an international school. You may also need to help us locate court documents for malpractice cases if applicable. That said, we will guide and assist you throughout the entire process so that only the bare minimum is required of you. You can trust that we do all that we can to simplify the process for you!

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