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Best Podcasts for Healthcare Updates

Posted on: June 4th, 2019

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Podcasts Intext

Podcasts can provide information or entertainment with instant access to a variety of healthcare experts on a range of topics. These episodic series of digital audio files can be downloaded from the Internet, subscribed to online or offline, and are usually free.

Unlike an audiobook, they’re generally like a conversation instead of a story. This can allow you to tune in and out of podcast episodes to find ones that best meet your interests.

Why Should You Listen?

Podcasts can help you expand your knowledge, stay informed, and grow your career. Their convenience is undeniable since you can listen almost anywhere or anytime. Best of all, if you’re working as a travelling nurse, podcasts are perfect for tuning in while traveling or on assignment. Just pack your sound cancelling headphones, or wireless earbuds, and a portable Bluetooth speaker.

If you’re new to Podcasts, you may discover you already have a stock podcast app on your phone. If you have an iPhone, check to see if you have the Apple podcasts app. If you have an Android phone, podcasts are usually easy to play through the Play Music app. There are other third party apps for downloading podcasts. Some may have a fee or require a one-time payment. A few to choose from include:

What Should You Listen to?

It can be challenging to choose from thousands of podcasts. If you’re searching for a particular topic, you can use a podcast search engine such as Listen Notes or review the podcast industry newsletter Hot Pod. But if you’re looking for some of the best podcasts for healthcare updates, here are a few you might want to add to your listening library.

The Healthcare Policy Podcast

If you’re interested in current public health issues and want to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare policy issues, The Healthcare Policy Podcast might be of interest to you. It typically presents a vested interest viewpoint with insights from healthcare experts on subjects like healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and issues regarding Medicare and Medicaid.

Medtech Talk

Are you interested in the latest in healthcare technology and what innovations might be transforming healthcare delivery? The Medtech Talk podcast provides insights from entrepreneurs, investors, and executives whose focus is on making healthcare more efficient. Listen to the latest updates on industry trends, tools, and technology that might help the patient population.


This podcast offers unique insights from medical presentations. They were originally presented in front of a live audience and then recorded to become available as a podcast. With a tagline of ‘ideas worth spreading’ TEDTalks features thought-provoking interviews structured with a foundation in storytelling. Medical breakthroughs and discoveries are a frequent topic.

2 Docs Talk

Two medical experts discuss healthcare issues with a focus on helping patients become more informed in the age of misinformation. The 2 Docs Talk podcast is also great for all medical professionals, regardless of specialty. Besides examining the impact of the doctor and patient relationship, these 15-minute podcast episodes are easy to fit into a busy schedule or for when you’re taking a break.

Bedside Rounds

If you’re looking for something a little different for your podcast library, you can be educated and entertained with interesting narrative stories about clinical medicine with the Bedside Rounds podcast. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Adam Rodman, an academic global health hospitalist.

Digital Health Today

Leaders, innovators, and pioneers in reshaping health and wellness are often guests in the Digital Health Today podcast. They share their thoughts, experience, and knowledge about health tech innovation. Catch this podcast about once per month to stay up-to-date on advances, research, and best practices for growing digital health solutions.

What the Health?

If you’re having trouble making sense of health policy reform, tune into to this podcast and it might provide some insights into health legislation. Health policy reporters from top tier publications visit with Julie Rovner, Chief Washington correspondent for Kaiser Health News, to explain more about What the Health is going on in Washington.

Health Care News Podcast

Established by the Heartland Institute, the Health Care News Podcast provides vital information that’s helpful for both consumers and medical professionals. Striving to shift the focus back to healthcare providers and their patients, topics focus on emerging issues in healthcare reform.

Wherever Life Takes You

Working as a travelling nurse with Barton Healthcare Staffing is a great way to see new destinations and expand upon your professional experience. Whether you’re traveling or taking a break at home, with the variety of podcasts available, you don’t have to fear missing out on healthcare updates. Choose your favorite podcasts to subscribe to and new episodes will automatically download. You decide when you want to listen to easily stay abreast of healthcare updates.

Interested in travel nursing with Barton Healthcare Staffing? You’re one click away from starting your journey. Contact a staffing specialist and let the adventure begin!

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